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Participation Framework Agreement Survey

Scottish Government Procurement

Background “Scottish Government’s vision for public participation is that people can be involved in the decisions that affect them, making Scotland a more inclusive, sustainable and successful place” – George Adam MSP, Minister for Parliamentary Business, 2023.

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Participating in Procurement and Other Extreme Sports

Art of Procurement

The post Participating in Procurement and Other Extreme Sports appeared first on Art of Procurement. According to a 2020 study by BCG, 70 percent of transformation projects fall short of expectations. This means that transformations.

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OMB Issues Command to Increase Small Business Participation on MACs


The White House has issued a memorandum that calls for specific procedures for Increasing Small Business Participation on Multiple-Award Contracts. This memo shows that the OMB is committed to increasing small business participation. ” Many of them have been used for awards to SDBs and SDVOSBs.

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Thank You to This Week’s Training Participants!

The Coalition for Government Procurement

I want to personally say “thank you” to all our members who participated, the instructors who spent countless hours preparing and teaching the material, and to Miller & Chevalier Chartered for hosting us in your beautiful Washington, DC office space.

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Arbitration With Public Entities in Brazil: Must Regulatory Agencies Participate?

Kluwer Arbitration

The STJ decision ruled not only on the possibility – and necessity – of a regulatory agency participating in arbitration proceedings between a concessionary and the relevant state entity but also on the limits of extending the effects of an arbitral award over a non-participating third party.

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CFTC Whistleblower Awarded $18 Million for Exposing Violations Posing “Danger to Market Participants”

Whistleblower Network News

In determining the exact percentage to award the whistleblower, the CFTC weighed the fact that there was significant law enforcement interest in whistleblower’s information because it concerned violations which were of great “danger to market participants.”

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OMB Memo on Increasing Small Business Participation on Multiple-Award Contracts

Federal News Network

Streamlining regulations, reporting, and procurement processes will do more to attract new small entrants to participate in the Federal market. The post OMB Memo on Increasing Small Business Participation on Multiple-Award Contracts first appeared on Federal News Network.