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Top Pricing Execs to Watch in 2024


For WashingtonExec’s Top Pricing Execs to Watch in 2024, we identified the best of the best in building proper pricing models for success, bringing strategic thought leadership to each opportunity, and putting long-term growth and strategy first.

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Graduated pricing mechanism guidance: CPN 3/2024

Scottish Government Procurement

We have published a Construction Policy Note (CPN) to provide notification of new guidance which details an alternative method of determining the price score in tender assessments – the Graduated Pricing Mechanism (GPM). The principle is that the lowest price is awarded the highest score (i.e. What is the GPM?

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GAO Protest Sustain: Flawed Price Realism Analysis


We often see price realism in protests when the protester is making the claim that the awardee’s price, which was lower than the protester’s price, is low enough that the awardee would not be able to perform the work as solicited. Most often, GAO will determine that the agency’s price realism analysis was acceptable.

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HHS Scores Early Win In Boehringer's Medicare Pricing Suit

Government Contracts

Department of Health and Human Services in Boehringer Ingelheim's challenge to a new Medicare drug price negotiation program, rejecting the pharmaceutical company's claim that the program is unconstitutional. A Connecticut federal judge on Wednesday sided with the U.S.

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Gregory Price Joins Akira Technologies as COO


Gregory Price has been selected as chief operating officer of Akira Technologies , bringing more than 25 years of career experience to the company. In his new position, Price will help drive expansion and optimize operations for Akira, the Washington, D.C.-headquartered

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Agency Could Not Accept Price Above Awardee’s FSS Price, GAO Says


If you feel like prices for just about everything are going up, you’re not alone. In federal government contracting, however, a contractor may not have the same leeway to raise its prices. Accordingly, issuing an order based on non-FSS pricing under an FSS acquisition would be improper. B-421917.2,

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Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Pricing Paradoxes


“Fair and Reasonable” MAS contract level pricing is impacted by a host of factors. Contracting officers must assess, analyze, and apply these factors when reviewing an offeror’s proposal and negotiating fair and reasonable pricing. Previous FAR & Beyond blogs regarding this topic can be found here and here.

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